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How to Patch a Hole in Your Asphalt Driveway

Keep Your Asphalt Smooth with Driveway Repair in Dallas, TX

Even when you’ve done everything by the books to keep your asphalt driveway fresh and smooth, everyday use and poor weather conditions can wear it down overtime. When you find yourself with an unsightly hole in the middle of your gorgeous driveway, patching it is a fairly simple process when it comes to driveway repair in Dallas, TX and can easily be taken care of by yourself if you’re unable to call in the professionals.

Step 1: Cut a clean edge around the hole.

The first step for DIY driveway repair in Dallas, TX requires using a circular saw, cut around the hole to eliminate the jagged edges so that the space is now clean and neat. This will help your asphalt filler settle in much nicer and allows for a smoother finish once the hole has been completely patched up. You’ll then want to remove any loose bits of asphalt, soil, and other debris from the hole so that it doesn’t get mixed into the new filler.

Step 2: Pour in crushed limestone or gravel.

For the next step, fill the hole with crushed limestone or gravel, which will act as a base for the asphalt filler. Depending on the severity of the hole, you may need to over-excavate and fill with a bit of concrete to re-stabilize the area, but if you’re unsure on if that is necessary, it would be wise to call in the professionals for driveway repair in Dallas, TX. Once the base is in place, tamp down the material.

Step 3: Use asphalt repair material to fill the hole.

Using your preferred asphalt repair material, the last step involves filling the hole and tamping down on the repair material until it’s nice and smooth. One tip for driveway repair in Dallas, TX is to cover the patch with plywood and then drive over it to nicely compact the fillers. Leave the patch covered for a few days to ensure that it hardens correctly.

Though it may be easy to repair a hole in your driveway on your own, nothing beats the experienced services of professional driveway repair in Dallas, TX. If you’re in need of professional asphalt paving services, don’t hesitate to call TCP Paving today at (254) 233-1121.