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Surface Leveling in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area

Professional Surface Leveling in Dallas and Surrounding Areas

With a few exceptions, no construction site ever starts with a completely level surface. And even for those sites that were once level, the environment and natural weather cycles eventually take their toll upon asphalt, concrete, tar and chip, and the surface underneath those paving solutions.

For the natural imbalance in our lives, TCP Asphalt offers ground leveling and surface leveling for residential and commercial customers in Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding cities. Not sure whether you need surface leveling at your home or place of work? Read on for more information.

What is Ground Leveling?

While they build structures, architects are consistently ensuring the work they do is straight.

Part of that straightness comes from what concrete contractors do – mainly ground leveling. This involves the use of contracting tools to remove debris or dirt that causes bumps. Additionally, it reshapes the surface to the desired shape. After all mounds are removed and holes are filled in, we grade the surface to prepare it for whatever comes next. If you need a paved surface, such as a driveway or a parking lot, this is something we can also provide after we complete the ground leveling.

What are the Benefits of Surface Leveling?

  • Fewer future repairs. If a surface starts off leveled, it means it is less susceptible to the changes to its environment over time. In short, this means fewer significant repairs to your surface or structure in the future.
  • Improved Drainage. When the surface is level, this helps avert moisture from the construction or paving site into proper drainage canals. With less water present, this means less damage and fewer repairs in the future.
  • Durability. Leveling the ground at a construction site increases the strength of the site overall. This is for many reasons, including the release of moisture, the prevention of cracks in concrete and other paved surfaces, and the prevention of sinkholes and other unleveled surface problems.
  • Non-invasive and quickly completed. While many other construction companies can leave you feeling stranded because of their invasive techniques, TCP Asphalt is in and out of your project usually within a day. This allows you to get through your construction projects more efficiently on your own time.
  • All-Included. As well as providing necessary leveling surfaces, TCP Asphalt also removes all debris created in the leveling process. No need to worry about leftover mounds of dirt or old piles of tarmac. We leave the area looking better than it did before.

FAQs About Surface and Ground Leveling

Can surface leveling be done in any weather?

Surface leveling is best done when the soil is moist, but that does not mean you must wait for a rainy day to call us for ground leveling surfaces. We work in most weather conditions (excluding hurricane and excessively wet conditions) and will provide the same quality of work regardless of the weather. For more information, or for any further questions regarding specific environmental conditions, please contact us.

Will you check for underground structures, like gas lines and plumbing?

We complete all our services with the utmost discretion, which means we check with your records as well as complying with local records and regulations before starting any construction project. You can rest assured we will work around any underground structures, providing you with the safest services available to Dallas area residents.

How long does ground or surface leveling take?

The length of a surface leveling project does depend on the size of the job, but most of our surface leveling projects take no more than a day. The length of our project is always something we discuss with you before starting on the project.

Do you comply with environmental regulations?

Our company is dedicated to professionalism on all levels, which means complying with federal, state, and local environmental regulations.

TCP Asphalt Surface Leveling: Contact Us for More Information

TCP Asphalt serves local Texans all around the Dallas area, including Fort Worth, Fort Stockton, Alpine, Pecos, and Tilden. We are confident our ground and surface leveling will be up to your standards, and we are so committed to giving back to our community we offer special rates for churches and first-time clients.

For more information about all the services we provide, check out our full website. Ready for professional concrete contracting or ground leveling services? Call (254) 233-1121 or contact us online at our contact page. We strive to do the best business in the area, and we are consistently looking for ways to better serve those who need concrete contracting and surface leveling services.

Helping You with Your New Construction

Assisting clients with their pavement installation is one of our specialties. Our paving contractors in Dallas, TX have the skills to help you start the construction process by offering high-quality leveling and re-leveling services. With our assistance, you will be able to have your paving material poured properly.

Your site will be smooth and contain no potholes once our driveway pavers in Dallas, TX are done. We’ll haul away any unwanted dirt, so you don’t have to remove it yourself.

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The First Step for Asphalt Paving

Save time by having our asphalt paving company in Fort Worth, TX do your ground leveling for you. By hiring us, we can level your work site and then complete your asphalt paving.