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Chip Sealing Services in Fort Worth, TX

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Texas roads can take a beating. Between the tourists who come to visit, the tolls that hurricane season takes on our structures, and the regular wear and tear that highways endure, Texas pavement can run its course in only a few years. Luckily, there is an affordable, customizable solution for roads that need a little extra TLC—chip sealing.

What is Chip Sealing?

The difference between chip sealing and asphalt laying is in the process. First, a thin layer of asphalt, usually diluted with water, is laid over an existing asphalt surface or a new surface. Then, rock chips are spread into this layer of asphalt, creating the paved surface.

There is no need to fret about the aesthetics of the job: chip sealing through TCP Asphalt is done professionally, and many precautions are made to ensure that your driveway, road, sidewalk, or parking lot looks as neat and clean as any typical asphalt job would. Surfaces are even and safe, and within a day or two, your family or customers will be able to utilize the area as they normally would.

Why Choose Chip Sealing?

  • Pave right over your dirt path or driveway easily. The secret is in the mixture of asphalt. Thin asphalt creates a versatile layer over whatever existing material there is, dirt or otherwise.
  • The price is right. Because the asphalt is diluted, and the heft of the paving is made up of rock chips, the price is much less than it would be to apply a full, thick layer of concrete or asphalt on top of a surface that needed to be paved.
  • Durability. Washington state experiences some of the heaviest snowfalls in the lower 48, which can all but ruin roads in just a few years. Between the salt used to melt ice off roads, the chains applied to tires, and the plow blades that run over the pavement (not to mention the earth moving beneath the pavement because of the change in temperature), they must use methods to make their roads last. That is why the state of Washington overwhelmingly will utilize chip sealing on rural, weather-worn roads. Although Texas rarely sees snow, it sees a lot of other environmental events that can destroy roads.
  • Easy application process. Chip sealing is a quick, relatively non-invasive project that can be done in a manner of a day or two. This means less downtime for your family or business.
  • Customizable. The color of chips, as well as the shape of the pavement, can be easily customized to account for client preference.

FAQs About Chip Sealing

What are some other terms for chip sealing?

Chip sealing is also known as chip and seal, shoot and chip, sprayed seal, and tar and chip. All these alternative names have to do with the process itself, which refers to the laying of tar and the subsequent fill with chips of rocks.

What are some situations in which I might need a chip sealing contractor?

Tar and chip sealing can be used in any situation that traditional concrete might be used. Some of these situations include driveway repaving or first-time paving, road paving, sidewalk paving, parking lots, and surface repair. Our Dallas area tar and chip clients who choose this service do so because of cost, durability, and aesthetic concerns.

How long does a chip sealing job take?

Depending on the size and conditions of the property being paved, a chip sealing job for a section of road, a driveway, or a parking lot typically takes a day or two. We recommend not driving on the tar and chipped surface for at least 48 hours, and it can take up to 2 weeks for the material to fully set. However, the hot and dry conditions in Texas make the setting process generally much slower than that.

TCP Asphalt is the Right Choice for Chip Sealing in the Dallas Metro Area

With over two decades in the chip sealing industry, TCP Asphalt is ready to commit to getting your concrete contracting jobs done right the first time. Located in Dallas, Texas, we serve the needs of those in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area, Fort Stockton, Alpine, Pecos, and Tilden. Our services are done quickly and completely the first time, and don’t forget – we offer a 10% discount to any churches who need our services.

Call us today at (254) 233-1121 for more information on how we may better serve your concrete contractor needs. Alternately, you may choose to contact us online at our contact page. We look forward to serving you.

Value-Adding Chip Seal Paving

Give your home a rustic, countryside feel by adding a chip seal driveway in Arlington, TX. The surface treatment will give your car path a beautiful appearance. This treatment involves spraying hot, rubberized oil down on a paved site and then covering it with rock. After this is completed, our driveway pavers in Fort Worth, TX will roll the surface flat.


Repairing Your Structures

If you are interested in reviving your existing asphalt, chip sealing is for you. By having our paving contractors in Dallas, TX perform the treatment, you can keep your paved structures from cracking and breaking. Chip sealing also minimizes the effect of aging and it costs half the price of putting down an Overlay.