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Get the Perfect Chip Seal Driveway in Arlington, TX

When it comes to a chip seal driveway in Arlington, TX, our construction professionals at TCP are at your service! No matter what type of structure you need worked on, our team of sealing and paving contractors in Dallas, TX is here to help. We have the skills to seal everything including business parking lots, residential driveways, and even pot holes.

Once our driveway pavers in Fort Worth, TX are on the job, you won’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll take care of all your sealing needs in one visit. Don’t forget to ask us about our ground leveling service before you decide to start paving!

Value-Adding Chip Seal Paving

Give your home a rustic, countryside feel by adding a chip seal driveway in Arlington, TX. The surface treatment will give your car path a beautiful appearance. This treatment involves spraying hot, rubberized oil down on a paved site and then covering it with rock. After this is completed, our driveway pavers in Fort Worth, TX will roll the surface flat.


Repairing Your Structures

If you are interested in reviving your existing asphalt, chip sealing is for you. By having our paving contractors in Dallas, TX perform the treatment, you can keep your paved structures from cracking and breaking. Chip sealing also minimizes the effect of aging and it costs half the price of putting down an Overlay.