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3 Reasons Asphalt is Preferred over Concrete for Residential Driveways

Why You Should Hire our Asphalt Paving Contractors in Dallas, TX

There are many reasons as to why homeowners may decide to repave their parking lots. In some cases, the repaving is done to combat cracks and potholes. Other times, homeowners interested in selling, either very soon or years down the road, want to make their home is more attractive to prospective buyers. Regardless of the reasons, there are two primary options to choose from when it comes to utilizing the services of paving contractors in Dallas, TX: concrete or asphalt. While a concrete driveway has its advantages, asphalt is ultimately the safer choice for the following three key reasons.

1. First-Rate Durability

Incredible durability is among one of the main benefits of asphalt. Whereas concrete is notorious for cracks and surface flaking, asphalt is able to consistently hold its own against both of these defects. As a result of its impressive flexibility, asphalt is also far less likely to develop age-related cracks compared to concrete, especially if you chip seal it. The dependable TCP paving contractors in Dallas, TX will be able to fix you up with a guaranteed durable and affordable asphalt driveway.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Although asphalt is more resistant to cracks, it’s by no means indestructible. Fortunately, when cracks do appear in asphalt driveways, they’re incredibly easy to patch either with the aid of over-the-counter crack sealant or with the help from TCP’s paving contractors in Dallas, TX. This eliminates the need for frequent repaving, effectively saving you a ton of money in the long-run.

3. Easy to Maintain

An asphalt driveway requires less overall maintenance compared to one constructed of concrete. By staying on top of crack repair and having paving contractors in Dallas, TX seal coat when necessary, you can preserve your asphalt driveway for decades and save a considerable amount of money. Asphalt is also very difficult to stain due to its darker color and can easily be cleaned with nothing more than a quick sweeping or rinse off.

Most residential parking lots should be repaved at least every 10 years or so. When considering your pavement options, you’d be wise to take the incredible benefits of asphalt into account. In light of its first-rate durability, cost-effectiveness, and easy maintenance, every quality-conscious homeowner should give asphalt a try if they haven’t already. For quality asphalt paving contractors in Dallas, TX, contact TCP today at (254) 233-1121.